The Grannies open the Good Earth Show with rousing songs in support of the climate.

For a brief moment we broke our 6ft. social distancing rule to be a Granny presence at the Black Lives Matter Rally.  There were more of us somewhere but the crowd was so large we couldn't find them.  No matter - in masks instead of crazy hats - we all stood together against injustice.

So many weeks of zooming and social distancing -  anxious to be among those speaking up.

Unable to wait any longer, we stood on the Federal Courthouse steps and sang.

We were masked and more than 6 ft. apart.

The tune was familiar and the words came from Vicki Ryder but we sang from our hearts.


We joined many organizations at the federal courthouse to bring attention to the situation of the homeless in Eugene and to offer what we could in song, goodies and support.

The Grannies are currently meeting on zoom.  Go to:


o find out how to join us.

As the shootings continued, so did the protests.

​Anger over the killing of Breonna Taylor and others grew.  We decided to focus on the women lost to racial injustice and created banners to recognize just some of them.  Starting at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, we sang and marched.

The Grannies work to get out the vote

Rain or shine, the Raging Grannies stood outside the Federal Courthouse every Tuesday in October to be sure every ballot was mailed so every voice could be heard.

July 12, 2020

December 21st - National Homeless Memorial Day

Our Motto: Out of the Rocking Chair - 

​​​​  Raging Grannies Eugene


The Grannies join Dance! Rise! Resist! for a performance at Wayne Morse Plaza 

Into the Fire!

Black Lives Matter


Eugene, OR

May 31, 2020

 The City of Eugene decided to do a virtual parade (thank you Covid-19) and invited groups to create a virtual parade entry around the theme of "Bounce Forward". Our videographer Peter served  as both director and cameraman and made it all happen. Singing would have been tricky masked and 6 ft. apart  but a little Granny created "call and response" worked just fine.

August 8, 2020