"The Granny Buffalo Song"

Tune:  How Much is that Doggie in the Window

Lyrics:  Eugene Raging Grannies

How much do we budget for the system
That keeps fossil fuels in the ground?
How much should we spend on our existence?
We do hope the science is sound.
The science is scary and it's tempting
to pretend that we don't understand,
the temperature rises unrelenting
though we bury our heads in the sand.
We meet and we make some resolutions,
our plans we're intending to keep
But laws without funds are no solution
'cause everyone knows talk is CHEAP!
Our leaders must lead us to a future
Where all kids and grandkids can thrive.
Without plans to save our ecosystem
How can our planet survive?
How hard can it be to change our lifestyle,
Compared to destroying our home.
If we cannot be a little versatile, (pause)
Where will the Buffalo Roam?

"Our Children's Trust Anthem"

Tune:  "Our Country Tis of Thee"
Lyrics:  Raging Grannies Eugene

Parents and friends, we must
Earn back Our Children's Trust,
and save the world!
Forests of dying trees,
Climate catastrophes,
have brought us to our knees --
let's save the world!

Things may look bad right now,
let's show our leaders how,
To save the world!
Don't fall into despair,
join up with those who care,
Hard work will get us there,
We'll save the world!

Parents and friends, we must
earn back Our Children's Trust,
And save the land.
Our leaders must be brave!
This is their chance to save
Our coastlines from the waves
The time's at hand.

 We must make promises,
Shun doubting Thomases,
Clean up the air.
A dirty atmosphere
Kills all that we hold dear.
We have a job that is quite clear:
Protect our air.

Our children's lives depend
On laws that will defend
Our planet's health.
Let people gravitate
To leaders who are great.
Let everyone cooperate

DIVESTMENT: After the Trump administration’s reckless decision to exit the Paris climate agreement, many people are looking to divest their money from fossil fuels as a way to fight back.
In June, 2017 the Sierra Club joined 15 leading national social change organizations representing 13 million members, and announced that they too were divesting organizational money from ‘pipeline banks’ and instead choosing to bank in alignment with their social values. 

We are hoping that the Eugene City Council will follow their lead!

JUNE 12, 2017

Spill No More (Oil Disaster)

Author: Marcy Matasick, Albuquerque RG
Tune: Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan

How many seas will the oil rigs destroy
How many oceans must die?
How much destruction and damage and loss
Can our poor planet survive?
How many spills must it take ‘til we say
That too many life forms have died?
Now is the time to make our voices roar
We all must proclaim it: “Drill no more!”

Feds on the hill have spent years gutting rules,
Working as industry shills
Big Oil has not been required to comply
Or guarantee against spills
Profits have won over safety and health
Fools chanted “Drill, baby, drill!”
Now is the time to make our voices roar
We loudly proclaim it: “Drill no more!”

How many horrible oil spills before
“Drill, baby, drill” is reversed?
How many species will be made extinct
Before we care for the earth?
When will we switch to renewable power?
What is our planet’s life worth?
Now is the time to make our voices roar
We loudly proclaim it: “Drill no more!”


All City Council Meetings Are Open to the Public
Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend City Council meetings. Regular meetings include a Public Forum, which is an opportunity for the public to provide input or commentary on any issue or topic they wish to raise to City Council.

Time and Location
City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30 pm in Harris Hall of the Lane County Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue

Public Hearings
City Council Public Hearings are an opportunity for the community to speak about a specific issue prior to the Council taking any legal action on the issue. Public Hearings typically occur on the third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Work Sessions
City Council Work Sessions occur before each Monday meeting at 5:30 pm and at 12 pm on the second, third, fourth, and fifth Wednesday of each month. Work Sessions are often dedicated to one or more specific topics presented by City staff, which is then followed by a policy discussion from City Council. 

In support of a city resolution to restrict explosive and toxic oil by rail through our residential and commercial areas, waterways, and forest lands.

Video above Grannies fearlessly delivering our message.


Grannies and 350 Full Video:

Eugene City Council

Move Your Money

Author: Vicki Ryder (Triangle, NC)
Tune: "Roll Out the Barrel"

Move all your money
Out of the big banks today!
Vote with your money
’Cause that’s the American way.
We’ll show the bankers
That we don’t need them anymore.
We’re goin’ to our local credit union
Where our money will earn more!

Bank of America,
Chase Bank and CitiGroup, too,
Take millions in profits
And don’t give a fig about you.
They don’t pay taxes,
Not even one single red cent,
But they have no problem takin’ bailouts
From the ninety-nine percent!

Say “no” to the bankers
Who suffer from terminal greed.
Move all your money
And let’s help the poor folks in need.
The big banks have failed us
Though they say they’re too big to fail.
It’s time now to move all our money
And put the bankers all in jail.

JUNE 27, 2016


is an ordinance concerning the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of residents and ecosystems of

Eugene, Oregon, recognition of duties under the Public Trust Doctrine and the Right of the People and our

Posterity to a livable future, creation of a Climate Recovery Plan, and the addition of a "Climate and Future Generations"

chapter to the Eugene Code.

"The Eugene City Council voted unanimously (6-0) on a package of motions to officially adopt science-based emissions reductions at the July 27, 2016 Council work session. This is a huge step forward in the effort to strengthen Eugene's one-of-a-kind Climate Recovery Ordinance. Kudos to Our Children's Trust, Millennials for Climate,  350 Eugene, Eugene's Sustainability Commission and the Raging Grannies for their efforts engaging the councilors on this issue.  Following the official vote later this summer, our goal will be to encourage the Council and City Manager's office to roll out a vigorous, timely public engagement process and to establish clearly defined benchmarks and timelines for emissions reductions by the end of the year."  Video - Grannies singing "The Granny Buffalo Song" and "Our Children's Trust Anthem".

NOVEMBER 28, 2016

OCTOBER 23, 2017

The Eugene Grannies public testimony "rap"  at the 9:50 minute mark to the Eugene City Council about divesting from pipeline banks. 

  Raging Grannies Eugene