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A Granny's Life for Me

Grannies all over the world are devoted to making a difference in this world of ours.  We support peace, social, economic and racial justice, human rights equality and environmental protection through protest, song, performance and public testimony. 

Although we use singing, street theater, satire and humor to make our point, we are not entertainers.  We are well-informed, passionate and serious about our mission. 

We care passionately about the future of our global children and grandchildren and all species living on Mother Earth. 

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1376 Olive St, Eugene, OR 97401

Email:  raginggrannieseugene@gmail.com

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A fancy hat and a walking cane

The courage to speak when the world's in pain...

The wisdom that comes as we grow old

More interests and friends than our arms can hold...

Aging can really be lots of fun

Personal freedom at last has come

We've finally learned how to make things hum!

If you are passionate about wanting to make a difference in our world  we urge you to


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